Beat the Market: 2 strategies

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Today, I’ll tell you how to outperformed 99% of crypto traders with 2 strategies.

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🚀 Altcoins

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  • MakerDAO raises debt ceiling to $1 billion for Dai allocations in Ethena's stablecoin markets on Morpho (link)

📈 Trading

  • Bitcoin - broke out from the bullish pennant, and is now retesting it -(link)


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  • What if the "ETH is losing 0.05 support and dying" crowd celebrated a bit too early? (link)

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I've been involved in crypto since 2017, and I've outperformed 99% of crypto traders. Here are 2 strategies to do the same.

I introduced you to the four roles that you may consciously or subconsciously assume in a market:

  • Investing: Putting money in a secure asset that gives you residual income, like buying a property for rental income.

  • Speculation: Hoping that something that you put money in, like a meme coin, will increase in value and sell it for profit.

  • Trading: Profiting from market imbalances in supply and demand, based on a plan that follow a strategy with an edge in market.

  • Betting: An "I'm right, you're wrong" scenario based on outcomes.

  • Gambling: Betting plus entertainment. Making or/and losing money for entertainment is gambling. Can be professional, recreational, or addictive.

Like I said before, a lot of folks diving into crypto actually don't know what they're up to.

Sadly, most of 'em - like 99% - are just messing around, gambling.

If you're getting a kick out of making money and feeling on top of the world, you're gambling, not trading or investing.

Gambling in the crypto market is one activity you wanna avoid, trust me, it could totally mess up your life.

In the last lesson, I told you I'd share the right way to do things in a future newsletter.

And here we are...

2 strategies to that help you outperform 99% of market participants.

Heard about someone making “big bucks” from crypto?

Well, they might've struck it lucky on paper (paper gains), or if they were smart enough to cash out, odds are they probably gambled it away again.

The strategies I'm gonna share are not what you think.

These ain't your typical "get rich quick" schemes:

  1. Long-term accumulation

  2. Professional trading

2. Long-term accumulation

After 7 years of stacking Bitcoin, I gotta say, it's been the best move I've made

Back when I started, I also gathered up some altcoins - things like Digicash and Iota, probably names that don't ring any bells for you.

Coins that were in trend in 2017, maybe you didn’t heard of.

Well, guess what?

Now, they're all stumbling, down by 99% against Bitcoin.

Check below chart:



I got real lucky starting my crypto journey with Bitcoin.

People these days don't have this fortune. (They are inundated with various types of crypto scams and altcoins.)

It helped me get the lowdown on the differences between BTC and Altcoins.

Since that time, every month, like clockwork, I've been stacking up on BTC, no matter how much money I have to spare.

Doesn't matter what Bitcoin's price tag is, I'm buying on the 27th.

Could be just a bit, could be a whole lot - depends on what's in my wallet.

Let's pretend, for a sec, if you had been saving $1,000 in Bitcoin each month for the last 7 years:

  • You would've saved/invested a total of $84,000.

  • And the total value, including the gains, would amount to $611,688.

No strategy surpasses this one in effectiveness.

To ensure the success of this strategy, there are certain rules that must be adhered to:

  • Rule 1: Dive into all the Bitcoin knowledge you can find. Grab every bit of info that'll help you understand the three important parts of Bitcoin: the Economic, Philosophical, and Technological.

  • Rule 2: Buy some Bitcoin every month, even if it isn't a lot. The goal's to make it a regular thing, a habit. If you're low on funds, even a buck or some cents can do. The idea's to keep the ball rolling. Think of it like hitting the gym, or brushing your teeth.


  • Rule 3: Don’t try to time the market. Don't wait around for a dip and don't sweat it if the price feels steep. The plan's simple: buy it, no matter what. You gotta stay on track and purchase regardless of the price tag.

  • Rule 4: Hang on to this strategy for at least four years.

  • Rule 5: Move all your Bitcoin to a cold wallet, don't let an exchange babysit your Bitcoin. Remember the creed: "Not your keys, not your coins."


  • Rule 6: Do not stake this Bitcoin in pursuit of high yields. Look into cases like Blockfi, Celsius, and FTX to see the repercussions for those who were over-eager to earn more Bitcoin.


  • Rule 7: Don't stack up altcoins. Look at the history of "successful" altcoins and you'll see they're not lighting up the scoreboard like Bitcoin (Yep, talking about ETH too).

2. Professional Trading

As I've mentioned, it's crucial to be aware of the four roles or behaviors one can adopt in the crypto market.

Many people out there don't even realize they're not trading, they're straight up gambling.

The issue with gambling is its addictive nature.

I recently received an email from a reader who, unfortunately, lost everything. 

Check out their story below

Trading is harder than you probably think. You have to think of it like a profession.

You have to ask yourself: Do I have the time to learn this profession? Do I have at least 5 year to learn until I become profitable?

If you treat this as a “passion”, is not enough.

You need to identify your advantage in the market.

Without knowing your edge, it's impossible to generate a consistent income.

What are the rules for this strategy?

  • Rule 1: Treat it like a profession. Approach it with the same level of commitment as a medical student studying for a career in medicine. 


  • Rule 2: Crypto allows you to start trading with whatever amount you're comfortable with. Throw in anything from $10 to $100 and begin experimenting with strategies. Achieve consistent profitability for a year before scaling up. For instance, if you manage to transform $100 into $200 within a year, you could then scale up to $1,000. If $1,000 turns into $2,000, take it up to $10,000, and so forth. 


  • Rule 3: Avoid forming emotional attachments to a specific coin. Trade based on the price action rather than the tales attached to a coin. These narratives are often crafted to entice the less informed and seize their money.


  • Rule 4: Never mix a long-term strategy with short-term trading. Don't trade Bitcoin that you've accumulated!


  • Rule 5: You can only control your losses, not your gains. Ensure that the maximum loss isn't disastrous to your overall financial well-being.

I firmly believe anyone can find success in the crypto market with one or both of these strategies, as long as they maintain discipline and stick to them.

I don’t expect you to follow my ideas.

Sooner or later, you'll arrive at similar conclusions.

What are these conclusions?

Strategy 1 is a healthy habit.

Strategy 2 is a profession.

Now, go and make your own research,

Mr GoBrr

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