Why Bitcoin si dumping...

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How does capital enter in crypto?

Today I’ll give you an answer.

But first, Let’s see what are the news.

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🚀 Altcoins

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📈 Trading

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  • Gas prices on Ethereum and revenue for Bitcoin miners are both nearing record lows. (link)

  • Will the $60K BTC price support hold? 5 Things to know about Bitcoin this week. (link)

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Is it too late to buy crypto?

The short answers is: No, is not to late..


Buying altcoins right now may not be a wise decision.

How dose Capital enter in Crypto?

Capital flow in crypto market.

Capital flow in crypto market.

There are 4 phases of capital flow in crypto:

  1. Bitcoin; ↓

  2. Ethereum; ↓

  3. Majro Altcoins; ↓

  4. Small Altcoins; ↓

Firstly, money flows into safest asset, Bitcoin → The profits from BTC then flow into Ethereum → followed by Major Altcoins → and finally Small Altcoins, NFT etc.

After phase 4, money usually start flowing into FIAT, leading to a downtrend or the start of a Bear Market.

This is how all markets operate.

Initially, money flows into the safest assets, and towards the end of the bull market, it moves into risker assets.

⚠️ We are now in Bitcoin Phase.

This phase began after Bitcoin achieved a new all-time high (ATH).

At this point, all Bitcoin investors are profitable.

They see no reason to sell as they are optimistic.

As money starts funneling into Bitcoin, it triggers a surge in its price.

Bitcoin’s dominance is rising.

📝 What is Bitcoin dominance?

Bitcoin dominance simply tells us what portion of the total cryptocurrency market value is contributed by Bitcoin.

Exemple: If the total value of all cryptocurrencies is 2 trillion and the value of Bitcoin alone is 1 trillion, then Bitcoin makes up 50% of the total cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin dominance is 50%.

If we are in the Bitcoin phase and start allocating capital to altcoins, they are likely to underperform compared to Bitcoin.

I know, I know.. There are some Meme coins that ar Pumping, but that’s the gambling aspect of this market.

Right now, I want to help you understand how to increase the probability of genuinely making real money based on statistcs, not gambling.

Bitcoin phase has just started.

The dominance (54%) is in a bullish trend (Upward trend).

So, without offering financial advice, in my opinion, purchasing Bitcoin rather then altcoins will be a wise decision at the moment.

It’s like purchasing Bitcoin in December 2020, when the price surpassed its previous ATH of $20.000.

Now, go and make your own research,


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