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  • Play games and win bitcoin with Thndr games CEO Desiree Dickerson. (link)

  • The Bitcoin Virtual Machine team rolls out the ZK rollup service to scale Bitcoin. (link)

  • The U.S. government sent 3,940 Bitcoins to the Coinbase exchange. (link)

  • Satoshi-Era Miner wallet wakes up after 14 years. (link)

🚀 Altcoins

  • Only Donald Trump can save crypto from Joe Biden. (link)


  • A Crypto-Backed Mastercard. (link)

  • Spot Ethereum ETFs Anticipated to Launch by July 4. (link)


  • FBI put a $5 million price tag on the OneCoin founder’s arrest. (link)

📈 Trading

  • Solana surges toward $140 despite bearish network activity: Will sellers defend SOL price? (link)


  • Bitcoin to hit new heights? Analyst predicts 10x growth in a few years — Here’s how. (link)


  • Cardano price analysis. (link)

  • Why is the crypto market up today? (link)

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