Donald Trump vows to make USA a Bitcoin leader

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  • Donald Trump vows to make USA a Bitcoin leader, promises to end Biden's Crypto war in 2024 Campaign (link)

  • ASX lists first spot Bitcoin ETF with VanEck, expanding access to Bitcoin investments for australians (link)

  • The first kids cartoon about Bitcoin (link)

  • El Salvador proposes Bitcoin investment bank to boost economy enhancing BTC accessibility for investors (link)

πŸš€ Altcoins

  • Kraken reports extortion after a bug bounty incident. The bug resulted in the theft of over $3 million, but user funds remained unaffected (link)


  •  Patrick McHenry on FIT21: 'We're going to have crypto law in the next year (link)

  • Binance lists LayerZero (ZRO) (link)


  • APhone introduces web3 App Store to rival Apple and Google (link)

πŸ“ˆ Trading

  • Ethereum (ETH) price remains stagnant despite positive news. (link)


  • Analyst warns Bitcoin price faces critical "Do or Die" moment. (link)


  • AI Altcoins generating 20X revenue amid market declines. (link)

  • The price of XRP could increase. (link)

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