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  • IMF says Bitcoin has become necessary financial tool for preserving wealth amid financial instability - (link)

  • If Warren Buffet was born today he would have been a long term #Bitcoin hodler. (link)

  • The major trends in #Bitcoin's next few years seem predictable.

    If you've been paying attention, much of the meaningful stuff that will happen has already been set in motion and now just needs to play out

    Let's speedrun through the next epoch in a thread 🧵 (link)

  • Fourth Bitcoin Halving Completed, Record $2.4M in Fees Spent on Halving Block to Inscribe Runes - (link)

  • Bitcoin’s average transaction fee comes down after reaching record high amid Runes rollout - (link)

🚀 Altcoins

  • What Are Bitcoin Runes? A New Fungible Token Protocol on Bitcoin - (link)


  • Tether Integrates USDT on TON Network, Targets 900 Million Telegram Users - (link)

  • Chainlink (LINK) Faces Selling Pressure as 13% Supply Turns Profitable - (link)


  • Shiba Inu raises $12 million in token round for its new blockchain -(link)

📈 Trading

  • BTC - Like the #SPX there is a failed st cycle, which indicates that the correction is ongoing and will push into May. (link)


  • Bitcoin Layer 2 Coins, STX, ELA, SAVM, Outperform BTC After Halving. (link)


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