🖨️ [Halving] What do you need to know?

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The most epic event in the Bitcoin and Crypto world is just 8 days away

Yes, you got it, it's the Halving we're talking about.

Today, you're gonna find out why it's the most significant Halving in the whole history of Bitcoin.


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Why is this Halving the most significant in the entire history of Bitcoin?

To understand why, it’s essential first to understand the concept of scarcity.

I have written an article on this subject here.

You can measure scarcity with an indicator know as “Stock-to-flow ratio”.

We can use this indicator to see how scarce a commodity is and how hard is to get more of it.

Think about a basket of apples compared with one of diamonds.


Apple bascket.


If you want to see apples and diamonds stock to flow ratio you need 2 things:

  • Total number of apples (stock) and how many apples can be produce in 1 year (flow)

  • Total number of diamonds (stock) and how many diamonds can be produce in 1 year (flow)

Let’s say that we have 20 apples and 20 diamonds.

Every year we can produce 20 apples, but only 1 diamond.

We can calculate the stock to flow ration in this way:

20 apples / 20 apples produced yearly = 1 SF (Stock to Flow)

For diamonds:

20 diamonds / 1 diamond produced yearly = 20 SF (Stock to Flow)

We ca see that, the stock to flow ratio for apples is 1, witch is smaller than stock to flow ratio for diamonds.

This indicates that diamonds are scarcer than apples because, again, the SF ratio for diamonds is greater than the SF for apples.

In essence, this indicator suggest that only 1 year is required to produce the entire supply of apple.

Conversely, manufacturing the entire quantity of diamonds in the basket would require a span of 20 years.

If apples were be a form of money, people would have an incentive to produce more of it.

This could flood the market with apples and devalue them.

As a result, individuals who save or use this form of money will lose purchasing power.

In this case apples are a form of weak currency. 

If we have to choose between apples and diamonds as a form of money, diamonds, with a Stock-to-flow ratio 20 times greater than apples, are 20 times harder to produce.

This makes them a considerably better form of money.

Let’s see what is the stock-to-flow for different commodities and currencies.

Check the below image 👇

Stock to Flow for different c

Stock to Flow for different currencies (1)

Stock to flow different commodities

Stock to flow different commodities

With the exception of Bitcoin, we can observe that gold surpasses other form of money and commodities in terms of stock-to-flow.

This is the result of thousands of years of experiments to determine the best form of money.

Gold, having the greater stock-to-flow ratio, has won the battle of currencies and secured the title of the greatest form of money.

Stock-to-flow ratio in Bitcoin Case

In just 8 days, Bitcoin’s inflation will be halved:

Right now, bitcoin inflation flow is:

6,25 BTC / every 10 minutes

37,5 BTC / every hour

900 BTC / every day

328.500 BTC / every year.

After 8 days, everything will be cut in half:

3,125 BTC / every 10 minutes

18,75 BTC / every hour,

450 BTC / every day

164,250 / every year

At the halving moment supply of bitcoin will be approximately 19,685,800 BTC.

It’s halved inflation (flux) 164.250 BTC / year.

Stock-to-flow ratio wil be:

19,685,800 BTC / 164,250 BTC = 119,85 stock-to-flow

This means that it would take a span of 120 years to produce the current supply of bitcoin in circulation.

The current stock-to-flow for bitcoin is 60.

This means that it would take a span of 60 years to produce the current supply of gold in circulation.

This event will mark the moment in Bitcoin’s history when its stock-to-flow ratio surpasses that of gold.

Bitcoin will be twice as hard to produce and will become scarcer than gold.

Additionally, we have to consider that there will be an absolute limit of 21 million bitcoin in circulation, and every 4 years the flow will continue to be halved.

All this suggests that Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio will approach the infinity.

Soon, bitcoin will become the first asset with absolute scarcity.

Now, go and make your own research,

Mr GoBrr

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