🖨️ What will Crypto do next?

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Good Morning,

Today I what to give some ideas about what will crypto market do next.

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  • New coinbase bitcoin ad. (video)

  • BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Sees $73M in Inflows as Other Funds Remain Stagnant (link)

  • Moicano: “And I’m telling you, try to understand about money, and what government is doing to your money, and how they are taxing you with inflation. That’s very important. That’s why you have to understand about #bitcoin, economics, and money.” (video)

🚀 Altcoins

  • Top 5 doxed crypto hodlers own $3.5B, but 35% is untouchable (link)


  • Solana Update Brings First Fixes for Congestion Issues. After weeks of failed transactions, Solana might be turning a corner with the launch of a first update for mainnet validators.- (link)

  • Runes Will Help Bitcoin DeFi ‘Close the Gap’ on Ethereum, Solana: Franklin Templeton. The investment firm said Runes has the potential to help the broader Bitcoin ecosystem compete against Ethereum and Solana. (link)


📈 Trading

  • BTC - more crash is coming. (link)


  • “With the historical tendency to produce -30% pullbacks, what happens to the landscape if $BTC does head down for a -30% correction and into the $51ks. “ (link)

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What will crypto market do next?

In a past newsletter, I told you about market structure, and how to form an idea about the probabilities on an asset’s next move.

Below you can see the Bitcoin chart.

Tell me, What market phase are we now in?

  • Acumulation

  • Markup

  • Distribution

  • Decline



You Probably thought about “distribution”.

Yes, the pattern is looking like a distribution pattern.

So it is possible.

But it could also possible be an accumulation phase too.

How can we know?

  • If the price breaks 62,000$ support, it will be confirmed as a distribution pattern;

  • If it breaks the 73,500$ resistance, this pattern can be confirmed as an accumulation zone.

Right now, the wise decision is to wait.

Price action

From a fundamental standpoint, Bitcoin has many reasons to continue its bullish trend.

  • The Halving is happening in few days;

  • Hong Kong already approved a new bitcoin ETF;

  • Overall bullish trend;

However, from a technical stand point, Bitcoin has experienced 7 green months for the first time in history.

We should expect a dip.


In fact, nobody really knows what the bitcoin price will do next.

This is the reason why we have to wait for a confirmation:

  • If the price breaks 73,500$ resistance, the probabilities to continue its bullish trend increase;

  • If it breaks 62,000$ support, a bearish trend scenario most likely will be in play;

I wrote this for educational purposes only.

I want to help you see in action the 4 phases of market structure.

I hope this it helps you.

MR. Go Brr

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