What is Scarcity?

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  • BREAKING: Hong Kong approves first batch of spot bitcoin ETF; (link)

  • Moicano's epic MMA interview: "If you care about your fucking country, read Ludwig Von Mises and the 6 lessons of the Austrian Economic School, motherfuckers!" (video) - (link with the book)

  • "The bottom line is that blockchain is one component of a whole set of technologies that work in conjunction to achieve one thing, and one thing that matters only: decentralization. That is the measure of success."-Andreas Antonopoulos (video)

πŸš€ Altcoins

  • Solana Rolls Out Update to Tackle Network Congestion. A meme coin trading frenzy and a rapid spike in users has stressed the network in recent months. (link)


  • Crypto prices rebound from selloff as Bitcoin dominance hits three-year high. (link)

  • Bitcoin Halving Has Crypto Miners Racing for 'Epic Sat' Potentially Worth Millions - (link)


  • Crypto market shows resilience as Iran-Israel tension escalates - (link)

πŸ“ˆ Trading

  • BTCUSD: Maintaining bearishness (link)

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What is Scarcity?

You are alone in the desert.

Imagine that you are in the center of a big desert.

All you can see is sand everywhere.

The sun is very hot. πŸ₯΅

You have a bottle in your hand, filled with the precious elixir of life, water.

You want to drink because you are very thirsty.

You could drink all the water now, but you need to think about what happens when it is all gone.

The alternative?

Carefully sip, rationing each precious drop, betting on the chance to find an oasis or some other source of life-giving water.

It's a gamble.

Pitching the agony of your immediate thirst against the looming specter of an unwelcoming future.

Your choice, whatever it might be, carries weight heavier than the shifting sands themselves.

Every decision echoes in the hollow expanse of the desert.

Survival hangs in the balance in this desolate wilderness, a stark testament to the delicate duality of life.

No matter what decision you make, it's quite significant.

In this context, for you, water is the most scarce resource your life depends on.

There are two types of scarcity

  1. Man-made (or centralized) scarcity - This might include designer-made limited editions, artwork, footballer cards, Pokemon cards, etc. This type of scarcity can be easily forged.

    Man-made scarcity

  2. Natural (or decentralized) scarcity - This includes things like precious metals, shells, salt, oil, etc. These are hard to forge.

    Natural Scarcity

The primary distinction between centralized and decentralized scarcity lies in control.

Centralized scarcity is governed by a single entity, such as a corporation or government.

Decentralized scarcity lacks any distinct control.

In the crypto world, altcoins can be likened to centralized scarcity, as their control resides with a select few.

Bitcoin is decentralized scarcity because there is not a team that control it.

Bitcoin is like gold.

Altcoins are like Louis Vuitton goods.

Scarcity force us..

..to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing resources and how we choose to compromise.

The choice rests between appeasing our immediate thirst or rationing the water to extend time.

In the desert, thirst seems boundless (infinite), yet our water bottle is finite.

Needs may be endless, but our time and resources aren't.

The pressing question then is how do we make decisions when needs are infinite but resources are not?

We'll discuss that in tomorrow's lesson.

Mr. Go Brrr

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